flexible manufacturing solution

flexible manufacturing system


  • Automated sheet loading and discharging
  • Automated sheet thickness measurement, automatic separation
  • Simi-finished products automatic aggregate palletizing
  • Reduce the labor intensity, reduce work injury rish
  • Automatic control, cycle operation
  • 24h no-stop production, improve efficiency more than 30%
  • Intelligent storage management system
  • Large capacity storage, safe and fast operation


The FMS includes full electro servo CNC turret punch press, automatic loading and unloading section and fully automatic vertical material warehouse, three in one. Realize high-precision, high-speed automatic loading and unloading, saving processing time and labor costs while increasing the safety of operation. Starting from the raw material sheet, picking, feeding, loading, positioning, clamping and fixing, sheet movement, processing, tool changing, forming, returning, palletizing, until all the processing is completed, completely free of manual, The one time intelligent control is completed automatically, and the processing is repeated automatically after completion.


Punching Capacity300KN
Max. Sheet Size2500*1250mm
Max. Hole Diameter88.9mm
Max. Weight on Storage Pallet3000Kg
Sheet Loading Height260mm
Punching Machine Feeding Speed110m/min
Turret Layout32 (16A/10B/2BAI/2C/2D) 
Turret Rotating Speed30rpm
CNC Axes5 (X/Y/T/C/A) 
Number of Storage5 
Air Pressure0.6mpa
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