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  • Electro Single Servo Turret punch Press
  • Electro Single Servo Turret punch Press
Electro Single Servo Turret punch Press Electro Single Servo Turret punch Press

Electro Single Servo Turret punch Press

  • Shelf time:2017-02-22 16:05:47
  • Product description:Electro Single Servo Turret punch Press
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Punch press 300KN, processing sheet size is 5000x1250mm(with one re-positioning) control X,Y,C,T,A axis; The bundling of Windows operating system and CNCKAD application kernel. CAD 2D graphics programming; Drag the batch processing. DXF、DWG or IGES format file, discharge directly.

Servo system- Panasonic AC servo motor and servo amplifier unit; Punching power-Nanjing Estun all electric servo motor; Adopt O-frame steel frame welding fuselage; line guider and ball screw both Taiwan HIWIN; With 32sets standard mould.

Main component parts configuration list

(A) O-type close press frame special for servo punch press, welding structure, stress relief annealed, strong rigidity, high tonnage, ensure accuracy of machine tool stability for a long time, extend the service life of the machine tool and mould, improve the positioning precision, reliability and durability of the machine tool.


(B) Worktable surface with hard brush, its noise reduction, shockproof, protect the surface of the sheet and appearance look good.


(C) Machine tool body with super wide space of the guide, large span, horizontal and supporting better, fully ensure the accuracy of processing large plate, under the condition of high speed feed more balance, adjustable auxiliary table, with the main platform integration design. The auxiliary platform can move around with plate, reduce 30% of the friction force between the plate and brush platform.


(D) Clamps using the start floating type clamp, float can reduce the deformation of the plate, long carriage, rigidity, clamps move easily, self-protection function, makes no dead area for punching on sheet.


(E) Line guider and ball screw import from Taiwan HIWIN, ensure the accuracy and long service life.


(F) Pneumatic, hydraulic and electric parts adopt Taiwan brand, ensure the overall performance reliable.


(G) Centralized lubricating system, reduce the friction of all moving parts, prolong the service life of the machine.


(H) With knock down hole, stretching, blinding, trimming and cutting angle, lettering type function.


(I) International standard Japan AMADA long guide mold, different specifications with reasonable stations distribution, save mold, decrease the use-cost, general mold.

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