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Comparison of CNC turret punch and ordinary punch press

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The CNC turret punch press is a numerical control automation equipment to control a number of holes on a plate by computer software programming to control a number of moulds on the wheel of a rotating tower. The main application industries include machinery, electrical appliances, hardware and so on, especially hardware plates, which is widely used in CNC turret punch press.
The CNC turret punch has achieved automatic production compared with the traditional turret punch press, with simple operation, time saving, labor saving and high efficiency. But technicians must pay attention to the problem when operating CNC turret punch: before use. Carefully read the description of the use of products, different products have different methods of use, must be careful to understand carefully, to ensure that the position of the parts is very effective, in order to find problems and solve the problems in time.
CNC turret punch press is a necessary machine tool for processing sheet metal products. The machine is divided into bed, punch, transmission parts, feeding platform, clamping parts, and so on. The bed body refers to the casting body and welding fuselage, and the system is divided into IPC and PIC.
The CNC turret punch can be more suitable for large sheet metal processing with the improvement of the working efficiency, and of course the disadvantage is that it is not suitable for large tonnage processing. There are many types of CNC turret punching press, which are selected according to the workpieces and requirements. There is a kind of open CNC turret punch. It is the price of the CNC turret. It is precisely because it is a CNC turret punch, so it ensures the concentricity up and down, improves the precision of the processing, and ensures the ratio of the product.
Finally, it is emphasized that in the use of CNC turret punch press, pay attention to the maintenance of CNC punch press, regular oil exchange, check circuit and transmission system is normal, strictly in the correct use order to operate the CNC turret punch press, do not randomly disrupt order operation, prevent problems. Be vigilant at the end of the day, keep the machinery in the safe range and pay attention to your own safety.


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