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Common problems of CNC punch press

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CNC punching machines are generally CNC turret punching machines in the market, few of them are CNC punches with straight tool banks. The rotary tower of the CNC punch press is a tray shaped die library that can be automatically rotated with a knife mold. It can be put into several sets of knife dies or dozens of punch dies for punching. When the punching tool is needed, it can be revolving the rotating tower to realize the knife changing die. The numerical control punch press tower is divided into two structures, one is the thickness of the turret above 80MM, the other is the thickness of the turret of about 40MM. The former is usually called the thick tower structure, the latter is usually called the thin tower structure. The mold used in the thick rotating tower structure is the international common long guide standard mold, the international market is very strong and the international market is very strong. More than 9 CNC punching machines use the tower with a thick turret structure. The structure of the tower is easily deformed because the tower is easy to deform, and the mold is not used to add its mold elasticity to the market. And the rotary tower of the NC punch press is made of thick spheroidal graphite cast iron or alloy steel. It is strong, durable and not easy to be deformed, especially the spheroidal graphite cast iron. After coming to the process of removing internal stress by natural aging, heating treatment and annealing, the rotating tower is durable, non deformable and stable. Its supporting thick rotating tower long guide die has strong elastic force and fast reaction can greatly improve production efficiency. Therefore, the CNC punch press of the thick turret is very happy with the market. Welcome.
Common problems and inspection methods of CNC punch press:
1.X, Y axis can not return to the origin, zero return switch can not be induced, check whether there are any problems with the switch circuit, whether the switch is loose or damaged.
The 2. punch is not reset, and the punch will return to the top.
3. solenoid valve is bad, check whether there is any problem with the electromagnetic valve.
4. the air pressure is not enough to check if the cylinder can be completely pressed down.
5. power supply is checked by the power supply of the servo power supply.
6. re locate the induction switch on the cylinder without induction, check the repositioning of the induction switch on the cylinder, and whether it is induced.
7. punch is not reset and the reset switch is checked.


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