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Dadong science and Technology visit to Qingdao red flag spinning machine

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Qingdao Dadong Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has been developing rapidly in recent years. In order to further improve the company's rules and regulations, improve product quality, improve production technology and the level of field management, the board of directors decided that under the guidance of Yang general, Li general and Sun Zong, the principal departments of the company were in the red flag of the Qingdao day group. Guided by the head of Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.
Qingdao Hongqi Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is the key development industry of Qingdao Tianyi group. The company specializes in the development, development, production and sale of high performance and high quality textile machinery. In accordance with the guiding ideology of "Innovating the world and winning the future with the same heart", the enterprise is based on technological innovation, increasing the research and development of new products and new technologies, focusing on the introduction and training of scientific and technological talents, and has achieved fruitful research results. In a few years, tens of millions of small and micro enterprises have been sold in the annual sale. It has become a high-tech innovative enterprise with an annual output value of several hundred million and has good prospects for development.
Under the leadership of the leaders of Qingdao Tianyi group Hongqi Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., we follow the leaders of the major departments of Dadong science and technology.
Field management of 1. finished products
The technology of 2. parts
  3.Discussion on the supervision of production management and production process

  4.Workshop environment
  5.Spraying production line - quality of workpiece and environmental protection at the same time.
The visit to Qingdao Tianyi group Hongqi Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. has provided valuable experience for the next step of Dadong science and technology. We sincerely thank the leaders and all the staff of the Tien group for bringing valuable time for us in production and management while working hard. Thank you
PS: Qingdao Dadong Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a combination of R & D, production and sales. It specializes in the production of all electric servo CNC punch press, sheet metal flexible production line, CNC turret punch press, thick plate CNC punch press, CNC punching machine, CNC feeding machine, shearing plate machine numerical control flat table, profile punching production line and so on In order to become the leading enterprise of China's CNC punch press, it is committed to improving efficiency and efficiency for the sheet metal processing enterprises, providing a complete set of technical solutions for the customers, and determined to make the Dadong a pronoun of the Chinese metal sheet processing equipment.
These equipment are widely used in screen, cover, tank production line, instrument, electric control cabinet board, solar water heater, battery iron board, building decoration board, car bicycle accessories, metal furniture, noise cancellation board, lamps, kitchen equipment, electric power sets, communication cabinets, sound equipment, household appliances, elevators, central. Air conditioning, kitchen and refrigerator, refrigerated equipment, vending machine, ATM teller machine, automatic office equipment, building decoration, hardware furniture, industrial machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, environmental machinery, medical equipment, lighting fixtures and other cold stamping processing industries.


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