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CNC turret punch manufacturer

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First, what is a CNC turret punch? The CNC turret punch (NCT) is composed of computer control system, mechanical or hydraulic power system, servo feeding mechanism, mold library, mold selection system, peripheral programming system and so on. The CNC turret punch press (NCT) is a program programmed by the programming software (or manual). The servo feeding mechanism sends the sheet material to the required position. At the same time, the die selection system is used to select the corresponding mould in the mold library. The hydraulic power system is stamped according to the program, and the workpiece is automatically processed. The throat depth of CNC turret punch press (NCT) is the distance from the stamping center to the side plate of the lathe bed. The depth of larynx directly determines the width and size of the processed sheet (that is, the size of the sheet processed along the length of the bed).
Secondly, what are the manufacturers of CNC turret punch press? There are many in China, the Qingdao side, the large east of Qingdao is still relatively good, the various departments are fully equipped, CNC pagoda punch press before the factory through the strict quality supervision and control. Ensure the quality, accuracy and stability of CNC turret punch. You can go to the real factory and look at it.
The last emphasis is on the great east of Qingdao. Qingdao Dadong Automation Technology Co., Ltd., which integrates R & D, production and sales, is committed to improving efficiency and efficiency for sheet metal processing enterprises, providing complete sets of technical solutions for customers, and making the Dadong a pronoun of metal sheet processing equipment in China. The company has a strong technical research and development center, through technological innovation to lead the development of the industry, our company developed a full electric double servo turret press (ED200), more effectively improve the production efficiency of the large sheet metal processing enterprises.
Write in the end of the article, well write so many, good products do not need a lot of exaggerated words to render, the most important is the utility of customers, the customer said, the customer said good, this product is good, we just give your description of the performance of the product as far as possible, so you are selected. Buying time will not go wrong. If we really understand the equipment, we can find out whether it is suitable for our own processing tools.


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