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What types of CNC punch presses

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数控冲床的分类:按结构分可以分成两大类:1、开式数控冲床:结构形状C型,一面是开放式。优点: 造价便宜、上下工件方便,方便大型钣金加工。缺陷:工位吨数低只能做到35吨
Classification of numerical control punching machine:
According to the structure, it can be divided into two major categories:
1, open CNC punching machine: the structure shape C type, one side is open. Advantages: low cost, convenient upper and lower workpieces, convenient for large sheet metal processing. Defect: the tonnage can only reach 35 tons, and the accuracy of more than 35 tons will be reduced.
2, closed CNC punching machine: mechanism shape O type, no open surface. Advantages: high tonnage of 35 tons and above, and good stability. It is suitable for high precision sheet metal processing. Defect: the cost is higher than that of the open CNC punch press. The upper and lower materials must be fed from the left and right sides.
According to the working stamping method:
1, mechanical transmission: the use of flywheel inertia to drive the head to punch. Advantages: low cost and easy maintenance; defects: loud noise and limited tonnage.
2, hydraulic transmission: the use of hydraulic cylinder motor drive punching head stamping. Advantages: low noise, high tonnage; defects: high cost, installation and maintenance.


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