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  • [News] CNC turret punch manufacturer Add time:2018-07-03 15:31:23 click:162

    First, what is a CNC turret punch? The CNC turret punch (NCT) is composed of computer control system, mechanical or hydraulic power system, servo feeding mechanism, mold library, mold selection system, peripheral programming system and so on. The CNC...

  • [News] What types of CNC punch presses Add time:2018-07-03 15:14:13 click:74

    Classification of numerical control punching machine: According to the structure, it can be divided into two major categories: 1, open CNC punching machine: the structure shape C type, one side is open. Advantages: low cost, convenient upper and lowe...

  • [News] Dadong science and Technology visit to Qingdao red flag spinning machine Add time:2018-07-03 14:30:48 click:204

    Qingdao Dadong Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has been developing rapidly in recent years. In order to further improve the companys rules and regulations, improve product quality, improve production technology and the level of field management, the...

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