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CNC pre-feed material shears

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Application: Feeder device for CNC shears
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Performance characteristics:
1. Beam type structure, dovetail clamp, clamp span can be adjusted.
2. The distance between machine tool guides is large, and the auxiliary wing is equipped with an automatic lifting and lowering table to facilitate loading and unloading of plates.
3, using pneumatic long clamp, high work efficiency, processing dead zone is small.
4, universal ball and brush mixing work table, friction is small, support effect is good.
5, special numerical control system, the operation is flexible and simple, no manual programming, software free upgrade.
6, rails, screws, pneumatic components and electrical components using imported brands.
7, the plate can be automatically repeated after the completion of the program positioning, positioning accuracy.
8, can achieve one-button operation, batch processing plate, efficient and quick.
Name D-JC25 D-JC35
Maximum shear thickness(mm) 6 6
Can cut plate size(mm) 2500×2500 3500×2500
Feeding maximum stroke(mm) 2500 3500
Feed accuracy(mm) ±0.15 ±0.15
Feed speed(m/min) 30 30
clamp(PC) 2 2
Total Weight(kg) 8500 9500
Dimensions(mm) 3200×2600×820 4000×2600×820

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