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Thick plate CNC punch

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Application: It is suitable for machining CNC punching with various hole types on various plate (6mm-20mm).
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Parameter specification table:

Name D-Y80
Nominal force(kn) 800
Stamping frequency(hpm) 100
Processing plate(mm) 2500×1250
Secondary positioning(mm) 5000×1250
Processing board thickness(mm) ≤10
Precision(mm) ±0.1
Standard feed speed(m/min) 30
Number of modules(PC) 6-12
Gas source(mpa) 0.55
weight(T) 16
Dimensions(mm) 5000×4000×2100
Main performance features
(A), protection function:
1 clamp punch protection, when rushed to the clamp area, the clamp will automatically avoid
2. Tonnage over limit protection, when the punching pressure exceeds the set tonnage, the inside of the installed insurance block will be disconnected and stop the stamping, to avoid the deformation of the bed caused by excessive stamping
3. With material protection, the equipment will automatically stop when the die with the material in the stamping process, to avoid damage to the fuselage, mold and sheet
4. Stroke protection, when the journey reaches the limit will automatically stop the movement to avoid a collision
5. Self-diagnosis protection function, when the software, system or electrical failure occurs, it will automatically alarm to remind inspection and exclusion
6. Air pressure protection function, when the air pressure is too low, it will alarm and stop working to avoid damage to the clutch
7. Voltage protection, alarm when the voltage fluctuates too far and stop, avoid damage to the servo system, electrical components and software programs
8. Lubrication protection, the equipment is automatically lubricated, it will alarm and stop working when there is a fault
9. Cooling protection, when the cooling device has a problem to stop cooling, it will automatically alarm
(B), stamping the main body: the body adopts integrated body, widened design, one-time welding, tempering, one-time processing and molding
(III) Feeding mechanism: Large inertia Japanese Panasonic servo motor drive makes feeding more stable, and is more suitable for high-speed feeding when high-speed punching is needed.
(D), turret structure: 40Cr wheel material, large processing center made in pairs; using German mosaic wheel
(five), clamp: special thick hydraulic clamp
(6) The system automatically searches for and selects the most suitable mold for processing, and shows the stamping time, processing volume, mold life, etc.
Service system
(a) solemn commitment, strict system (see the provisions of the ISO9001 quality assurance system on after-sales service)
1. Our company is the first enterprise in the machine tool industry to pass the ISO9001 quality system certification. It takes the equipment operation time as the standard and implements the Three Guarantees within one year. Our company has offices in many places across the country, and the faults arrive within 24 hours. Customer Factory
2. Maintenance service personnel to the user to perform services must make detailed records of the completed maintenance tasks and the methods for solving the problems, and the users will feedback the opinions to the company. The service quality of the service personnel shall be strictly controlled and assessed.
(B) Full-time service team to ensure the operability of the service network
1. The user sends the operating personnel to our company or the after-sales personnel from our company to the factory of the demanding side to provide free training for the operation, maintenance and maintenance of the operating personnel until the machine can be operated independently.
2. Full-time after-sales service team, service hotline opened 24 hours, and has a number of offices across the country, can respond to user requests for timely response
3. The XP, Win7 and other computer systems required by the equipment, and the autocad, cnckad, etc. drawing software required for operation are provided by the user.
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