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Profile production line

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Application: Widely used for punching and shearing of electric power, communication, towers, angle steel, aluminum profiles, curtain walls and other profiles
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Profile production line is widely used in punching and shearing of electric power, communication, iron tower, angle steel, aluminum profile, curtain wall and other profiles. It is a relatively advanced automatic production special equipment.
1, CNC special system, easy maintenance, simple operation;
2. The main components such as screw, gear, rack, guide rail and motor are all imported products;
3, reasonable design, high efficiency, low cost;
4, Special design of special profiles.
Name D-X
Nominal force(KN) 200-800
One processing range(mm) 2000-6000
Sheet movement speed(mm) 30
The maximum thickness of the workpiece(mm) 8
Number of modules(pc) 1-6
Precision(mm) ±0.15
Punching frequency(hpm) 45-100

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